Educational Interventions and Accommodations

Resources for the Classroom

Brain Injury in Children and Youth—A Manual for Educators
Colorado Department of Education
This manual was developed to help school personnel understand how a brain injury can be recognized and how affected students can be best served in the school setting. 

Building Blocks of Brain Development©: The framework offers a wide range of intervention and assessment strategies for students with brain injury.
Colorado Kids Brain Injury Resource Network
General guidelines addressing intervention strategies for educators. This guide covers the 16 areas of processing/learning that are most frequently compromised by brain injury.

Traumatic Brain Injury and Teens: Information for School Administrators
National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)
Author Joan Bohmann discusses the supports that students who are recovering from brain injuries might need to function well in the school setting.

Special Education & Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
National Association of State Head Injury Administrators
A summary of state definitions and guidance for educating students with TBI-related disabilities. This document provides a state-by-state look at how TBI is defined by law or otherwise determined for special education and related services.

Classroom Interventions for Students with Traumatic Brain Injuries
In this article, author Julie Bowen presents a range of research-based learning strategies, behavioral interventions, and instructional interventions available to educators who work with students with brain injury.

Teaching the Student with Brain Injury—Information for Teachers
Virginia Commonwealth University
Frequently asked questions from teachers about teaching a child with a brain injury.

Brain 101
The Oregon Center for Applied Science, with funding from the National Institutes of Health, created an evidence-based interactive website for school-wide concussion management. When a concussion happens to one of your students, it’s critical that the entire school community—staff, students, and their parents—knows how to respond in ways that ensure the student’s best chance of recovery.

BrainLine Brainline Resources for Children with TBI
BrainLine is an extensive and easy-to-navigate site for preventing, treating, and living with TBI. The site offers basic information about TBI and the brain, as well as webcasts, “ask an expert,” and specialized sections for TBI survivors, friends, family, and professionals. The BrainLine Kids area is devoted to helping kids with TBI.

Project LEARNet
LEARNet is a resource for teachers, clinicians, parents, and students provided by the Brain Injury Association of New York State. LEARNet aims to provide “anytime access” to TBI consulting services for all schools and families without the costs of a TBI specialist. The site offers video clips and information on specific problems for students with TBI.

Get Schooled on Concussions 1 Pagers

Get Schooled on focuses on one page concussion fact sheets for teachers, administrators, school nurses, school mental health, counselors and parents.